May 3, 2013

More praise for the world's most noble profession: teaching

While the title is purely subjective, the sentiment behind it, truly heartfelt. As the month of May began, so did my daughter's countdown to high school graduation. Her first award banquet was the evening of the first, for her school's Speech and Debate team, part of the National Forensic League (yes, she's in the NFL).

Their teacher/coach is also a math teacher at the school and the hours he puts into both tutoring and coaching his students is nothing short of amazing. He's a quirky fellow, famous for his groan-worthy, yet endearing, puns. His students are challenged by his work but learn, and go on to excel. Rumor has it he once was seen without a tie, but never without a collared shirt, and almost always with a jacket. He dresses to command respect, but he also earns his student's affection. He is a class act.

That teacher inspires each of his team members to get up every winter Saturday morning and meet at the school, sometimes as early as 5 AM, to travel to a tournament to compete. They do so, joyfully. What a testament to his influence.

In four years of my daughter's high school career, I've never enjoyed an awards banquet more, and I've been to a myriad of them. The team had over 80 kids, and yet, our coach managed to make it seem like the banquet was to honor one and only one student. He praised each senior in a personal speech, talking about why they were an asset to the team. This year, our team won the state championship, something we later found out, that his math mind had calculated that they had an 83% chance of winning. From the kids who went to nationals to the ones who never placed, nobody was ignored.

I don't have a lot more to say beyond a sincere thank you.

Mr. Hamilton, you're absolutely the best. 

My kids are lucky to have you. Thank you for everything you give, heart and soul, to our students.

Canfield HS Speech and Debate 2013


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