May 20, 2013

Being the host with the most

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As the summer traveling season gears up, many folks have decided to visit family and friends around the nation, whether for a reunion, a graduation party, or just to make time for friends, having company is nearly as enjoyable as being company.

But having or being company still can allow for the amenities of traveling to a luxury hotel. A lot of the accouterments found in hotel rooms across the nation can also be purchased by the homeowner.

Suppose you've got an entire group of folks coming for a reunion and want to serve hot coffee or cold lemonade all day. A hotel thermal server is the perfect solution for perfect hostessing. It also would be a great addition to a team mom's beverage solutions.

margarita maker
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As the day winds down and it's time to relax, what says I'm a great hostess more than whipping up a frozen summer drink? Again, a hotel supply business will have commercial grade blenders at retail store prices and adds a level of hospitality to any guest. Or what about the guest that brings such an item for a hostess gift and offers to start happy hour for the hostess?

After the socializing and relaxation, nothing says "You're Welcome Here" like fresh linens and comfortable pillows. To save on the cost of bedding, check out the prices on a hotel supply online site. You may find yourself opening your doors and sweeping off the welcome mat on a regular basis.

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