April 29, 2015

Dad Lecture Series

When I was a kid, I heard the same things over and over from Dad.

As an adult, I refer to them as 
"The Lecture Series"

There was an internet meme going around recently about things to tell your high school student. The words reverberated as things I've said repeatedly to my now college sophomore and my high school junior. We do our best to instill wisdom and hope it sticks.

I've told my children repeatedly, "This is a life lesson", "Be humble, not everyone has the same ability as you do", and "Have you had a token nod to nutrition today?" I wonder what their stories of my lectures would be?

My dad has his own series, but times change. I appreciate the wisdom dad gave me and try to live what I learned. A few key lectures I won't forget?
  • Speed for conditions (as in, I don't care what the road sign said, you should have slowed down while it was snowing or raining.)
  • I used to feel sorry that I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet (be grateful for whatever you have because someone else always has it worse)
  • You can choose your friends in life, but you'll always be brothers and sister, and you'll be all you have -- get along. 
  • And my favorite. Always split Aces and 8s
I drive carefully, I practice gratitude (especially for having feet), and I love my brothers. Oh and anytime I've played blackjack, I win money when I split aces or 8s. Financial advice rules.

Dad, your lifetime of advice has served me well.

Thank you.


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