July 29, 2010

Grandpa Stories

I was mopping the floor today and my kids and I got to talking about families and friends. My little one was talking about how I'm a little OCD about keeping certain things clean, but that I'm not quite like Grandpa.

She quickly added, "But Grandpa was in the Army." I said "Actually, Navy, but definitely military."

"That must be why he's so tough", she said.

I smiled, "But he's a marshmallow for you and your sister."

"What do you mean a marshmallow?"

"I mean for you girls, he is soft and sweet. You are his little angels. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for you two."

I regaled the stories of how when her older sister was about 3 months old we went to dinner. The big sister was fussy and wanted to be held and carried. Grandpa wouldn't eat, but opted to carry his baby girl around the whole night so she wouldn't fuss.

Another time, when the second one was born, I had a class I needed to attend. My husband was busy and I had enlisted my inlaws to watch the kids for a few hours, tops. My mother in law had an emergency, and my father in law said, don't worry, I'll watch them. This is the man who was working so much he couldn't really watch his own babies but was thrilled to watch his grandchildren. They screamed and cried the entire two hours, but he endured, and laughs about it today.

I'm telling all this so we remember the great stories of love. He's quite ill. His time is short. Cancer. I won't disrespect his privacy by talking about it, but rather ask my readers and friends for prayers. He is very loved and right now he is hurting.

Please pray.  That's where the power lies. Amen and amen.


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