March 30, 2013

Lysol Touch of Foam Review

As someone who reviews products on a regular basis, I truly believe the best reviews unfold naturally. This morning I received my latest package from BzzAgent, a company I've affiliated with to offer me the first crack at testing new products. It's pretty fun to be on the edge like that. 

So my daughter invited some of her friends over to color Easter eggs this afternoon. I was delighted to watch a group of high school and college kids enjoying such a simple pleasure. They were a joy as they marbeled, tie-dyed, colored and dipped their eggs, creating a festival of joy for our eyes. 

Such artistry makes for dirty hands. It was rather fortuitous that I received my latest product from BzzAgent today. I even joked with the kids they could be a topic of my blog, if they used the Lysol Touch of Foam Creamy Vanilla Anti Bacterial handsoap. They enthusiastically agreed. The pictures speak for themselves. 

The grime of coloring eggs! 
Lysol to the rescue!
Clean hands again! 
In short, I am posting this review on this blog because honestly, my green living blog has spent many times decrying the use of both liquid soap and anti bacterial products. But because Lysol does not contain tryclosan (my primary reason for objecting to anti bacterial products) and because we also embrace a lifestyle that gets it right 80% of the time, we are happy to review and use Lysol Touch of Foam.

A few notes: 

  • It does make your hands soft, as noted by not just myself but the testers
  • Vanilla is not my favorite scent for body products (I always feel like I still have food on me, because I keep smelling it). I prefer to clean myself with non-food scented products. 
  • Personal preferences aside, as shown by the photos, Lysol works and my hands are soft. Don't love the scent, but that's me.  
disclaimer: We got a free bottle of soap to try. Nonetheless, the desire to scrub the dyes of coloring Easter eggs off our hands are entirely our choice. Lysol served us well. My opinions are my own and I received no compensation to publish this review. 

Happy Easter! 

Lysol Touch of Foam


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