March 25, 2013

Indiegogo Start Up Fund project: The Victims (guest post from Adam Kern)

Fresh Daily Bread is happy to share our space with Adam Kern.

The Victims - a dark comedy about the Israeli - Palestinian conflict

An overly empathetic writer returns to his homeland to resolve an international dispute through words, but his characters have a different story in mind.

Executive Producer Adam Kern, and screenwriter Ken Kaissar are running a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds to start their production company. Once initial funding is raised, the pair can create an LLC, hire an entertainment lawyer and start approaching large scale investors to raise the financing required to make the film.

The Victims is a story that shifts back and forth between two parallel worlds, one literal and the other poetic.
For the first time since leaving as a child, David returns to Israel as an adult to gather research and an understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while Paula stumbles upon the garden of Jidi and Bassee, two creatures who lived in an idyllic world where they grew their own food and lived in tranquility.

Now in Jidi and Bassee’s garden, life is riddled by conflict and violence, until Paula, a peacemaker, comes to help them resolve the hostilities.

The Victims is a complex look at a complex issue in which what you see is not always what you get.
The film asks its audience to abandon any questions of bias and balance regarding the Palestinian / Israeli conflict. You will quickly find out that it doesn’t matter which side Jidi and Bassee represent, as both sides are hindered by the ever-present attitude of: “What do you want me to do about it?”

Runner-up for the 2009 Princess Grace Award and honored by the Lark Play Development Center as part of the Middle East America Play Commission, Ken Kaissar's The Victims is a timely piece that may not resolve the conflict, but can open eyes to how truly complex it is.

If you'd like to support the project you can visit: 

The Victims


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