January 28, 2013

OZ Superbowl Preview

Even when your team isn't part of the Superbowl, we all admit that we look forward to the commercials. 

Me, I'm looking forward to another advance preview of OZ: The Great and Powerful. I am so excited for this movie. One of my favorite childhood books was The Wizard of Oz. So much that I devoured all the other books in the series. This was well before publishing phenomenons existed and sequels or prequels were anticipated. But as a child, I patiently stood in line outside our school Bookmobile waiting for another adventure from my Oz friends. I read all of them

I loved Oz so much that for my 4H art project, I painted blown out eggs to represent each of the characters in the famous movie and place them on a yellow brick particle board road. My devotion was unwavering and remains so. 

If you didn't know that other stories besides the Wizard existed, allow me to enlighten you. My childhood fascination with Oz was so incredible that as an adult, I insisted on a road trip stop at an Oz trivia museum, in northern Indiana. Loathe as I am to admit, the stop was a cheesy tourist trap. That didn't stop me from picking up a few souvenirs to commemorate my love of Oz. 

All this reminiscing to bring you a teaser. During this weekend's Superbowl, Disney's upcoming feature, Oz: the Great and Powerful has a sneak preview. I'm excited for this movie. Almost as much as I am for an upcoming community theater production of the Wizard of Oz


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