October 5, 2012

Luxury at home

More and more folks are opting to stay home instead of vacation. This past week, I had conversations with three different folks who did a home improvement project in lieu of going somewhere on a trip. The reasons vary, but a common thread is that it's easier to bring a little luxury home where it can be appreciated every day of the year, than travel somewhere that is done in seven days. My own spouse travels so frequently for work that the last thing he wants to do when he has time off work is go anywhere. The key purpose of a home remodeling project is to make the house more livable and enjoyable.

bathroom spa luxuriesOne of the most common renovations folks tackle is bathroom upgrades.  A comfortable bathroom is something that is used daily. With the styles of sinks, tubs, shower enclosures, faucets and even unique bathroom ceiling lights available, any homeowner can bring a sense of style and spa living to their own space.

In a bankrate.com survey of over 2000 homeowners undertaking a remodeling project, bathrooms were far and away the most popular room to redo. Older fixtures and tiles can be modernized, faucets can be upgraded, and lighting can truly reflect the personality of the owner. In regards to popular remodeling projects, a bathroom remodel can also increase the home value by offering approximately an 85% return on the investment.

By remodeling and enjoying the upgrades daily, and still recouping the money on the value of the home, the savvy homeowner enjoys a chance to bring a bit of vacation into each day and still get some return on the investment.

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