October 2, 2012

Campaign Finance Reform

There is a movement that is getting a lot of attention in the media lately, the StampStampede. The premise is simple. Stamp your paper currency with a political statement about getting the money out of politics. 

Fresh Daily Bread thinks it's a bit gimmicky, BUT the reasoning is sound. Why are we letting money dictate how we run this nation? Why are lobbyists and corporations able to wield more power than common people? It's the money, which screams louder than any voice. 

From the StampStampede site: 
  • Unlimited donations by billionaires and corporations to SuperPacs have drowned out the voice of ordinary Americans.
  • When you confuse money with free speech you give the wealthy and their corporations enormous megaphones that drown out the rest of us. A constitutional right to free speech for all is worthless if no one can be heard except members of the .01%.
  • It’s important to note that no other major democracy in the world allows for the unfettered spending on elections by private individuals or corporations. 
So whether you actually physically stamp your currency or you work to reconsider how our nation finances campaigns, it's time to bring the power back to the people. 

(thank you to Stamp Stampede for the use of their infographic)
Stamp Stampede


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