September 4, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Blog Survivors

My blogging friend Christy, author of the Ruminations on Love and Lunchmeat, recently nominated Fresh Daily Bread for the prestigious award:

She had this to say:

Fresh Daily Bread: Kim’s blog was one of the first blogs I started reading, and my own blog changed a lot as a result of reading it, realizing that blogs could be many things all at once.

I humbly accept the nomination because everyone knows that Lunchmeat without Bread is just slimy. We go together and I am happy to have her back during the Zombie Apocalypse. Part of the requirements for accepting the nomination include sharing 7 little known details about myself and nominating 15 other survivors. Since her blog readily admits it's not about math, I'm not going to expect her to count. Instead, I'll just let you know a few random facts as well as some of my favorite blogs.

What you never wanted to know about me will probably have you running for the hills. But I'm already designated as a zombie apocalypse survivor, so you have no chance. You may as well accept all this stuff you now know about me.

*Childbirth gave me hemorrhoids. I don't think I have to say anything else about it, but it did and I've had a constant reminder for almost 17 years now.

*I don't like seeds in my food. This means I won't eat rye bread unless it's seedless and strawberries and raspberries drive me crazy even though they taste good.

*I am not a cat person. I'm sorry to all my cat loving friends. Even better? Your cats know it and whenever I'm around, they find me and snuggle, weaving around my ankles, walking on the couch behind my head where I'm sitting and watching me shift uncomfortably.

*I usually ignore expiration dates on sour cream and yogurt. It's already sour and spoiled, right?

*I love opinion surveys. They are one of the few intrusive phone calls that will keep me on the line. You want my opinion? You're willing to take 10 minutes to hear it? I am so in.

*I cannot stand cell phones with their miniature everything and touch screens. I rarely remember to charge it, my kids make fun of me trying to text with it, and I don't even like to talk on it. The ear and mouth are not proportional to my face and that just bothers me. I don't like to give out my cell number because that means someone may actually try to get a hold of me on it. And unless they are conducting an opinion survey, I'm not interested.

*What? You want more? Okay. I had two kids, which apparently doubles the amount of hemorrhoids. But this isn't a post about that. It's just that for some reason that's what's got the majority of my attention today.

For the rest of the nominations?

Because I really am rather distracted today, I'd like you to just go over there------------------> to my sidebar and look at my handy little blogroll. Those are folks I enjoy reading for a variety of reasons and they bring a great deal to my blog-life. I like them all and want them around in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, even if they bring their zombie cats. Though I'd prefer a case of Tucks or Prep. H.

Love and Lunchmeat
I'd also like you to go over to the Circle of Moms and vote for my nominator, 

as a Top 25 New York Blog. Plus, she knows how to play euchre, which will keep us well entertained in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Thanks again, Christy!


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