May 14, 2012

Growing Up

fabric growth chart
fabric growth chart 
After a day celebrating mothers around the nation, many mothers are reflecting where the time went. Nearly 17 years ago, I cradled my newborn in my arms holding her tiny little foot against my index finger and noticed her foot and my finger were the same exact size. Today, I only look at my finger and then down at her size 7 1/2s and then eye to eye with her and know, my little girl is now a young lady.

We annually marked and dated a wall in our laundry room with hash-marks indicating how much our children had grown. We marveled at the progress and then one day, we found out we had to move. We no longer were going to mark the walls and in all likelihood, someone would be painting over our precious hash marks. In an effort to preserve that memory, we traced it and then transferred it to the wall in our new home.

How to make a growth chart can be much more attractive and portable than hash-marks on drywall. The fabric growth chart shown on the right can be customized to any decor and moved wherever the family lives. The Ribbon Retreat is a fabulous resource with easy tutorials for a myriad of personal crafts and gifts. To make it even easier, Ribbon Retreat offers all the fabric and ribbon to create their projects, with several ongoing sales and specials for both wholesale and retail customers. They regularly receive new fabric and ribbon to please any crafting person.

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