May 15, 2012

Finding the Right Person

One of my favorite questions I ask when I am getting to know someone knew is how they met their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other. Almost everyone has a story how they met and nobody's story is uninteresting. For example, I tell folks I met my spouse because I was dating his friend. That never fails to elicit a few eyebrows and inquiries. It's not nearly as scandalous as it sounds. His friend and I had broken up but still were friendly and we attended a party together. I had met my spouse a number of previous times when I was still dating his friend. In fact, I tease him that he had flirted with most of my friends before he took on me. We hit it off and the rest, as they say nearly 22 years later, is history.
table for six

Another couple I know worked together, yet another met when he wouldn't stop badgering her to go out, and as she puts it, he wore her down. Even stories like that charm me, because the end result is positive. Some couples are high school sweethearts, while others meet in nursing homes. Other couples meet through common interests. Anything that brings two people together is a step in the right direction.

I recently had a conversation with new friend who met her beau on an online matchmaking site. She lowered her voice and said she was a bit embarrassed by how they met and I said, "Don't be embarrassed, be happy you found someone whose company you enjoy! Does it matter how you found each other?" The opportunity to choose who you want to spend time with on your own terms is imminently appealing.

Probably the only way to meet someone to date that has me skeptical are the television shows turn meeting the right partner into a competition or game. At some point, the pop culture/reality aspect of it comes off as rather contrived. It's so much more natural to meet someone from a comfort level that you determine, doing something you enjoy doing, in a place that you enjoy being.

In the spirit of this post, I invite you to share how you met your significant other.
Don't be shy... how did you meet?


  1. Her best friend and my best friend worked together. When my wife was transfered to Pittsburgh, my best friend came down the first weekend to introduce her to some people. At the time we were both dating other people but obvioulsy I am tough to resist and she was a hot blonde. Here we are almost 17 years later.

    And as far as reality shows - those folks are playing for 2nd place, because then they get to come back and get more face time which equals more money. Although I have to tell you that if I was 24 and single I would go on the Bachelor in a second if for no other reason than you get to make out (and sometimes more) with dozens of hot girls.

    1. Were you actually Bachelor worthy "in the day"? (oh wait, I need to read paragraph #1 more closely!) Of course you were tough to resist. Your words!

      Thank you for sharing your tale!

  2. I met my husband through my friendship with his sister. Boring, but true. However, we lived in different states so it was long-distance. After about four months of very high phone bills, he found a job and moved to Michigan.

    You just vomited on hearing all of that, didn't you? :D

    P.S. I just linked you. Let me know if that's okay.

    1. I completely appreciate it! Thank you for sharing :)


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