February 15, 2010

What will you give up for Lent?

As the Christian world prepares for 40 days of solemn reflection in anticipation of Easter, a time honored tradition is to "give up something". I've taken a slightly different point of view on this tradition... read on...

What will you give up for Lent?


  1. Half of my children have been out of work for some time now. I'm faced with the possibility of having to support them and perhaps house them. What I'm giving up for lent is the notion that my future is secure (or theirs).

  2. Sorry to hear that dear Kass,
    we are facing new challenging times, what seems to be secure isn't secure any more. We have to think outside the box so as to try different things.
    Have faith, your children will find something to do and overcome the raft times.
    Be strong and keep positive.

    @Kim, I'm not Christian, so I don't practice Lent... besides that, I think we don’t need a specific time of the year to give up things, as this should be something we should do on a daily basis and as an act of will.


  3. Kass, sending much love & hope your way. What fields are your children in? Are they active on LinkedIn? There is a pretty decent professional network over there and sometimes all it takes is someone who knows someone.

    Gabi, and I do agree that giving up something shouldn't only be labeled a Christian idea. While the premise of that particular blog is based in Christianity, we try to speak to people of all faith (or none!) In fact, the first commenter is actually an atheist friend of mine. He spoke to the need to respect humanity, without a religious tag on it. Funny how sometimes non Christians have a better idea how "we" should behave than Christians.

    And what I most would like to give up is the conditions we arbitrarily place on generosity. We should give because it's the right thing to do. Period.

    Thank you ladies for weighing in...

  4. The two children out of work are the prosecuting attorney and the corporate events planner/administrative assistant. I'll mention linkedIn to my daughter, but my son has to stay in the state and the system. His wife is having my 6th grandchild any day now.

    I have no other option but to go with the flow of every day events.


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