February 26, 2010

Tagged, I'm It!

Blogger friend, Kass, who mercifully is no longer silent, has tagged her readers in a simple fun photo tag.


Open your photo folder and go to the 10th photo, post and tell us the story behind it. OH wow.

This photo was taken with my daughters the last Halloween before we moved away from our home on the west side of Cleveland in 2007. We moved 10 days after this photo was taken. In the background, you can see a rose trellis, which was part of my beloved rose garden. The window on the left hand side was my office and the little rose garden and bird feeders out front of it used to keep me company when I wrote.

We built that home in 1997, and the first rose I planted was when my Grandmother passed away in 1998. She had lived in Texas and we always called her the Yellow Rose of Texas, so I chose a yellow tea rose to remember her. As my rose garden expanded, I planted a rose for every female in the family.

The little "candy corn" was the Circus Rose because from the first time she was old enough to laugh, she was a little clown, spreading her giggles like rose petals. The little devil's rose was the Queen Elizabeth rose, a regal name for a regal child. There was also a Gertrude rose the most lovely deep pink rose, for my other grandmother who was a thousand times more beautiful than her old fashioned name. There was also a Firecracker rose in honor of my favorite holiday, and a Broadway rose for an occasionally dramatic member of our family.

Moving away was not an easy moment for me, I've written about it before, I had not lived anywhere for that many years in my life. I wasn't looking forward to starting over somewhere new, but the nature of employment in manufacturing means you go where the jobs are. It could have been Mexico or China. Mercifully, it was only 90 miles away. Sometimes I still get mad at the new owners who have let my precious roses go.

But instead, I'll cherish photos like this and make new memories at this house. That reminds me, it's time to start planning this year's garden.


  1. What lovely photos. My late husband had a rose garden and was always perturbed when the porcupines came to eat the buds. Your daughters are beautiful. Thanks for responding.

  2. I really cannot believe I didn't tell the magical part of the story, I guess I was rushing.

    That first yellow tea rose would bloom for years after, on the anniversary of my grandmother's death and on her birthday. For some reason, my other grandmother's rose would bloom on her wedding anniversary. (naturally these were summer dates)

    I always believed it was God's way of reminding me that my loved ones never really leave.

    But I always looked at my roses in bloom and would pause to think about the person they were planted for whenever they bloomed.

  3. This sounds like a great idea of Kass's.

    I too have planted certain plants in honour of people and events, but every time I do I worry they will die and then it will reflect not so well on my loved one. Still it's a great tradition.

  4. Boy are those girls cute. You have much to be proud of, Kim.


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