November 23, 2009

Feast of Flash Contest results

My esteemed writing colleague, Michael Solender, has sponsored a contest for Thanksgiving on his blog, "Not From Here, Are You?" Michael is an award winning fiction writer and a newspaper columnist for the Charlotte (NC) Observer.His generosity amazes me. The original premise of the contest was that he would award $100 to the charity of the winner's choice. Not only did he do that, but the next four runners' up also received $50 for their respective charities.

He has set a benchmark for other writers to follow. I entered a short story in the contest, and was awarded an honorable mention. (My story will be published next Monday).

I prefer to give him the Most Honorable Mention award instead. I am so proud to share space with him on the Internet. Please go visit his blog and show some love. He has done something wonderful, he has paid it forward.

Thank you, Michael.

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  1. Oh Garsh Kim! You are the best. I have sooo very much to be thankful for and just wanted to share it with my many, many virtual pals who provide so much pleasure. Your story was a gem of an essay an your fans - old and new will love it. Come by all and see all the other great writes from the contest from 11/24-12/3.


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