December 5, 2013

Cash for college students

Cash4Books 10% Bonus Code: DecShare10
As the parent of a college freshman, I'm learning quickly how frequently their pockets get emptied. College has incidental expenses above and beyond the obvious, such as tuition, room, board, and books. I remember that in addition to finishing my finals, one of the best things about a semester change was the chance to sell back the books I had paid so dearly for at the beginning of the semester. As a hint, hold onto the ones in your major. You may actually reference them in the future.

But for my offspring and her friends? If you need some extra cash over your holiday break? We have reviewed different book selling services and our research shows that frequently pays more than any other company.

Now through the end of the year, they are paying an additional 10%.

If you are going to sell back any of your textbooks, check out Cash4Books, first. As a disclaimer, Fresh Daily Bread does have a professional relationship with this company. Regardless, of all the book services we work with, this has consistently been reported to pay the highest of any service. It's worth checking out.

Happy Holidays & good luck on finals!

(and in that mom voice you know so well, don't forget to eat something healthy and get some sleep).
With love,


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