September 18, 2013

Is profanity really necessary?

The other day, my spouse dropped his phone and the screen shattered. We knew it was an easy fix, for an expert. In fact when we called the business, they told it it would be about 45 minutes. We were happy, took the phone in and ran a few errands.

I didn't like the name of the repair store, as it contained profanity. It really bothered me that it's such commonplace that a business can actually use profanity in their name. Ironically, their signage removes the second "S" so it uses the word as, instead of a**. In fact, my naivete was on full display as I thought the company was making a play on the name of the founder (thinking it was Brokeas). I was wrong. When we walked in the store, and filled out the paperwork and then received an invoice, indeed, it did say "Broke Ass".


Yes. Really.

Maybe that seems petty on my part to be upset that a mainstream company would capitalize on profanity to market their wares. I was also upset about a popular Facebook page called, "I f*ing love science". Well, I love science too, but I can love it without f*ing it. And it bothers me.

dumbing downIt's not that I'm old or crotchety either. I was driving around with my 15 year old and I remarked that it bothered me how we had to take our phone to be fixed at a place that used profanity in their company name. She looked at me and said, "Yeah, I know. It's like Idiocracy",  (the 2006 film about how dumb our nation is in 500 years), where the most popular restaurant is:


It's insulting to dumb down our vernacular to the profane. We're smarter than that. Or are we? Because it's seemingly still funny to make a play on words, from children's entertainment to reputable businesses.

What do you think? Am I missing something?


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