August 12, 2013

Worker bee works for me

I'm posting this on my publicly personal blog. This is where I share things that are interesting to me but not necessarily marketable or promoting anything but my state of mind. And my audience is primarily my friends, though I don't object if others want to know what's on my mind.

I use this space to tell stories about my life and family and to promote folks I know who are doing cool things in film and media. Sprinkled with more of my life stories.

Today is a reflection.

One of my favorite celebrities is Steven Van Zandt. I discovered him as a Springsteen fan, but that gypsy boy is the one I have my celebrity crush on. He's cool as hell and I love when he does interesting things. So today, I found a recent interview with him and I figured out why he resonates so much with me.

He was being interviewed about his career as Springsteen's right hand and then again as the Soprano's right hand. He is who I fancy myself to be as he explained how much he enjoys being behind the scenes, not the star. The worker bee. I repeatedly tell folks I'm not leader material. I am the one who does what needs to be done. Another pop culture reference is the teen hit from a few years ago, Sky High, where the world was divided into heroes and sidekicks. I'm the Robin to Batman. I'm proudly sidekick all the way.

In my career life, I was an assistant, a Vice Pres, a helper. I like that role. It suits me well. Some folks need glory and titles, I need results. My experience says that you get more done behind the scenes instead of at the helm.

It doesn't mean I don't have my own talent, it means that my talent is best magnified by working with another. I am not comfortable with the role of being in charge. So let me take my gifts and help make you the best you can be. I'm cool with being Little Steven or Robin. I just want to make a difference and I don't need or want marquis billing.

So... my question is -- what are you?


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