June 7, 2013

Rent textbooks to save money

Campus Book RentalsAs my daughter approaches high school graduation, one of the overriding concerns is the cost of textbooks, especially for university requirements that are not in her major field of study. It seems crazy to spend hundreds of dollars for a book that will never be opened past the semester it is used.

College students around the nation are picking up some of their requirements with a summer school class and find themselves also concerned about the cost of a text book. Fresh Daily Bread is proud to partner with CampusBookRentals and share their special summer rental sale. They offer textbooks for a rental fee of only $29.99 for the summer. Click the banner for more information and don't worry about having a bookcase textbooks that cannot be re-sold, are never re-read and only helped fulfill some core required courses.

Trust me on this one, unless it's in your major field of study, you'll never open that book again after you get your credit hours.


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