February 20, 2013

Why I love Facebook

I made a simple lament. I love to cook and love to make interesting food. This week, I had a taste for Pasta Puttensca. It's an anchovy, tomato, and kalamata olive sauce.

So I had this craving, but the local grocers were not cooperative. Four stores, NO anchovy paste. I settled and bought whole anchovies to make my own paste.

I don't want to be graphic. Let me just say there is a reason stores sell anchovy paste. Grinding them in a food processor is gross. Enough said.

Here is why  I love Facebook, a sentiment that required that preface.

My silly and momentary lament turned into a forum about local shopping, alternatives to that, and ultimately a coffee date. I'm meeting a friend I enjoy for coffee next week.

So say what you must. I love that Facebook brings us together. Even if the reason is the stresses one must endure to grind their own anchovies into paste. Ultimately, it's about the art of conversation. And I am so happy to have a date to sit down with my friend. Which never would have happened if I couldn't find anchovy paste.

So bring me a big one with everything, but  hold the anchovies!


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