August 28, 2012


This post is inspired by a short Facebook discussion with longtime friend of mine. We are on different sides of the aisle, but our friendship goes way back and even was as recent as a dinner we shared last summer. I like my conservative friend a great deal, and I am sure it's mutual.

His post began regarding some comments by Samuel L. Jackson on his Twitter feed. They were stupid remarks, especially when broadcast out of context. While I don't want to give credence to what he said, I should be fair and share. He tweeted his disappointment that Hurricane Isaac missed Tampa and was headed for New Orleans. What a horrible sentiment.

Mr. Jackson, it's not an either/or choose your poison situation. Your remarks were thoughtless and insensitive to two cities. I do not buy into "joke excuses" as in, I was trying to be funny, as a way to justify a thoughtless remark.  The fact remains that you wished a horror that New Orleans is still recovering from on the city of Tampa that is currently populated by folks you disagree with. How you could joke that a hurricane would hit either city? You're not funny or relevant, in my opinion.

You see that is what we do when we disparage each other. But it's so much easier to latch onto a soundbite than it is to really dig deeper. My conservative friend decried the lack of media coverage regarding Mr. Jackson's remarks. My answer was simple:

  • ... both sides make ridiculously stupid comments. However, there is a double standard when it comes to media attention or lack thereof. No one on the Democrat side came out against his statements.

    Okay, then I will. Little voice that I am, I will. I fell in love with New Orleans this summer, but that doesn't compare to my first love Florida. I think Southern cities rock. And it was irresponsible to diss either one on the basis of politics. I'll let you know when it's published. I don't pay attention to noise, so the fact that I don't zoom in on stupid is my "excuse" if you will. However, I will now that it's been brought to my attention. Who knows? my goal is to get folks talking. This could be a start.

I will. I will denounce it. I am a small voice, but I like to think I'm a reasonable one. Mr. Jackson was wrong. He was as wrong as Akin who said stupid stuff then tried to further suggest that homosexuality is cured by breastfeeding.

It's time to stop obsessing with the minutiae. We are ONE NATION. (some of us believe UNDER GOD but thank God (or not) that we are not required to believe that),  (this part we must believe!) with liberty and justice for all.

It's time to let go of the distractions and figure out the best way to walk forward. Somehow, I don't believe it's by arguing over thoughtless stupidity.

Let's debate intelligently, and see where that gets us.

I'd love your comments...

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  1. I've called both sides on their OTT comments. While I might wish for a "directed strike" (tongue very much in cheek ) the horrors of Katrina nearly 7 years to the day, and the possibility of yet another disaster hitting that area are just too real. And this country, and the area, has NOT recovered.

    Frankly - celebs are no more immune from speaking out of turn and putting their foot in a mouth than the rest of us. Following them as if there is something valid coming from their mouths is our own foolishness. As I commented to someone today - I wouldn't ask Kardashian for economic advice - I might ask how to whore myself out for the paparazzi. When looking at ANY celebrities tweets, actions or comments - really one does need to ask themselves if this is the person I should care about what they say.

    And Samuel L is not alone in expressing those thoughts. I have seen them repeated, often, on the walls of FB and in other feeds. Perhaps I have the "wrong" take on it - but I find those posts tasteless and show me more about the lack of sense by the person who posted it. There is enough crap being handed out in the news that were this to be a "national" story worthy of mention on the news that it would do little to change debate - and do much to further both the divide and divert attention from the important issues.


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