February 17, 2012

Snips and Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

... that's what little boys are made of...

As a parent of Sugar & Spice, and everything little girls are made of, I tend to spend most of my time with girls. But as the sister of Snips & Snails, I can relate to boys pretty well, and it takes me back in time to being the "big sister". 

My day yesterday was filled with younger men. In fact, the combined ages of all three males still are about 15 years younger than me. 

It was a busy day for me. I was out and about all day then I had a shift at the hospice house at night. 

During the day, I taught in the city. I had a class of smart little 6th graders. Great kids... were excited, attentive, and polite. 

One little guy came up to me during a break and announced how much he was enjoying the class, he wanted to learn more about this. How thrilling was that? He was smart as a whip. We were discussing an overview of the global economy and I mentioned the trade embargo with Cuba, and he raised his hand and asked "was the because of the Bay of Pigs"? This is a 12 year old! Then at the end of the class, he asked if I would be back when he was in 7th grade. I told him I don't have control over my assignments, but that I sure would enjoy that. He shyly stood there as I packed my stuff up and asked if I would like help carrying my stuff to my car before he went to lunch. I told him I had to go back to the library with the rest of the volunteers, but that I could use his help finding it. He walked with me chattering excitedly about how he wants to study international business and he couldn't wait to study the book I gave him, etc. etc. I admit, I had a tiny little crush on this earnest young man. 

The rest of my day I was smiling at his offer to help me. 

When I got to hospice, I saw two young boys in the children's playroom. I popped in and introduced myself and asked if they needed anything. They said they were okay. A few minutes later I mentioned to the nurse what nice and well behaved boys they were and she said, "oh their mother is in such and such a room, she will probably pass away within the 24 hours". 

My heart collapsed. I looked in again at the innocent little boys who undoubtedly knew what was happening but were vanquished to the playroom while the family kept vigil. As a volunteer, I am trained to only work with what I am told, not to pry. I don't know why their family decided not to let them in the room. But they were in the playroom the entire 2 hours. After about an hour, I popped back in, and said, "would you boys like some ice cream?" We have an honor kitchen (it's stocked with food and a coin jar to pay for what you take). They jumped for joy so I went and bought them each a little cup of ice cream. I sat and visited with them while they ate the ice creams and thought how tomorrow if not soon, these little cherubs may lose their mother. They told me about Harry Potter and living on a farm and their cat with three legs. She went out in the woods with four, came home with three. When they were done with their ice cream, they both said thank you and cleaned up their spots. I saw their dad later and told him how good the boys were. 

My heart was so incredibly moved by my trio of "snips and snails", although upon reflection it may not be puppy dog tails, but rather kitty cat feet. Now if we can just put them in a time machine and see if they turn into the wonderful young men they are today. The future looks pretty good.



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