December 9, 2011

CSI Santa

This is the time of year when the Santa skeptics are abound. It only takes a whisper on the bus from another child or a bold announcement in the lunch line to plant the seeds of doubt in the shining eyes of your innocent one.

We've done some pretty wild things to keep the belief in Santa alive. Santa wrapping paper was hidden away and only used for Santa's gifts. We nibbled cookies and drank milk under duress, and we even put on big boots and left foot prints in the snow. My own parents knocked a log out of the fireplace onto the family room floor. I can remember coming home from midnight church certain I had seen Santa's sleigh in the sky, watching for any evidence of his travels. 

One of the most magical Christmas surprises I had was when we didn't have a tree up yet on Christmas Eve, and while we were at church, my aunt and uncle came over and put one up and decorated it for us, leaving a special note from Santa's Elves promising that he would be back after we went to bed. 
When my girls were little, the first year we had our dog, they were afraid he would bark when Santa came in, so they took his crate up into the older one's bedroom and slept together in the same bed to ensure they kept the dog quiet so Santa would still visit. 

There is a certain joy to be had in keeping the magic alive for a child and adult alike. One of the things my girls never knew was that I caught Santa. You see, I was so impressed with their plan that special year, that I decided to sneak into the bedroom and snap a photo of them sleeping. Apparently, Santa was impressed with their plan also, as he paused to smile for me. 

The company I CAUGHT SANTA is graciously offering FIVE of our readers a free photo. There are 20 Santa poses to choose from and you can upload any picture you wish. See the site for some cute ideas. To receive a code for a free photo ($9.99 value), simply comment on this blog post (not on the Facebook page) sharing a special Santa memory and then like I CAUGHT SANTA CLAUS on Facebook.  

The company also has other characters for skeptics everywhere. Offer proof and charm fellow believers. We will select the 5 winners on December 18th at midnight, EST. Winners will be contacted the 19th with a code for their photo.

If you cannot wait until the drawing,  I CAUGHT SANTA has a 25% discount code for Fresh Daily Bread's readers. Just enter SAVE25 at the checkout!

Ho, ho, ho... MERRY CHRISTMAS! 


  1. OK, I have to post on this blog because my middle tot just said to me the other day that she wants photographic evidence of Santa. This would be a step in the right direction :)

    My fav Santa memory? I was apparently a very quiet sleeper when I was young. My parents used to come into my room and check my pulse to make sure I was alive. When I was 5, I still remember vividly that on Christmas Eve "Santa" came into my room and checked my pulse. He was all dressed up in his red and white suit and had white gloves on. Sorry, I had to peek... but I was always impressed that Santa checked my pulse just like my parents. Turns out, it was one of my uncles who played Santa that year. Still, an unforgettable Santa memory!

  2. We have been dreading that moment when Amelia finds/figures out about Santa. Hopefully it won't be for awhile yet, and it'll likely be the result of a school friend or bus mate spilling the beans. I think as much as anything, we, like most of parents, don't want to concede that she will one day outgrow that joyful mystery... Great blog, as always, Kim.

  3. A modern twist on waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve: unlike the Christmas Eves of decades ago when I would ask my mom and dad, "Where is he now?" And they would guess a country, our family now tracks Santa on every year, hour by hour. We've even learned about the countries he visits!

  4. Super cute! Juliet is very into Santa this year!

  5. I have a few nephews that are teetering between belief and not....this could keep the spirit alive for another year!

  6. How wonderful. I had mixed feelings about the dishonesty of promoting Santa until I read this.

  7. Kass, I understand exactly. In fact, I always vowed that when my children REALLY REALLY wanted to know, I would be completely honest with them. So I explained how Santa was a good man who loved children, and though he's been gone many years, parents loved what he did so much that they carry on his traditions.


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