August 5, 2010

One Hundred Things Green

For my friends and readers who don't know, I have another blog, a green living blog. This is my "slice of life" space, but the other one is a little more practical.

Earlier this year, I ran into someone who has been somewhat of a mentor to me. He asked me if I was planning to streamline my blogging anytime soon. At THAT time, I had four blogs. Now I have 2.5. I say .5 because one of them is really just a collection of recipes that we want to keep track of and share. (in fact if you have some that utilize SuperFoods, let me know, we'll post them!)

Anyway, I have attempted to streamline my blogging addiction. However, over on my green blog today is a post I think my loyal friends will enjoy. It's a collection of 100 pieces of trivia about my life, thusfar.

I'd love if you could pop over there and share a few pieces of trivia about your life.

One Hundred Things Green


  1. does a pomegranate martini count as appropriate use of a super food???

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  3. Hi Kim!

    Just dropping by to say "Hello". Hope your summer has gone well. I'm staying busy with a couple network marketing businesses and a daily local "news" blog. I followed your advice about
    "monetizing" my blog with 'Ads by Google'. Actually making a few dollars by doing that!

    Take care of yourself and drop by to see me sometime at

    Best regards,

    Dick aka Truman T. Tiger


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