January 14, 2010

Because I STILL Said So

"When religious leaders such as Pat Robertson attempt to explain the earthquake disaster in Haiti as part of a pact with Satan, he insults all of Christianity. The self-importance he spews to attempt to explain natural disasters in the framework of God’s will is horrifying."

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  1. There is nothing wrong with stating your opinion strongly. Thank God for freedom of speech. I read through your statement and the comments and I can see all sides, but still hold firmly to your right to express yourself in your own forum. There's always a problem when people speak "under the banner of God." That's why I belong to no organized religion. When people start speaking for God or even speaking for me, there's a problem. But we always have a choice where we align ourselves.

    Some people feel they need to take a strong stand AGAINST something - the "just say No" mentality. In child development studies, we learned that negative sanctioning works most effectively - for gaining control of a desired behavior. We make a huge assumption when we say, "but we're all adults here."

    Pat Robertson said a stupid thing. It's like saying AIDS babies deserve their affliction because God's wrath produced the HIV virus.


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