May 20, 2009

Redundant Statements of the Obvious

Brought to you by the I <3 ____ bumper sticker people.

I've become rather active on the social network site, Facebook. It's like having a party with every single person I've ever known in my life. It's better than my wedding, graduation, or college frat parties rolled into one tidy wall. If anyone gets tipsy on the virtual drinks, I don't have to worry that I'll be sued for overserving and we can buy rounds on a regular basis without worrying about our pockets getting lighter. It's a win/win proposition.

We're busy laughing and posting silly things on each others' walls, and suddenly I get an invitation to join a group called "I Hate Cancer". Who wouldn't join such a group? Perhaps the manufacturers of chemotherapy drugs? While they may not love cancer, the demise of cancer would certainly put them out of a job. I suppose I have no reason to NOT hate cancer, but I feel rather silly proclaiming it. Of course I hate cancer, (not to be confused with zodiac sign of Cancer, many of whom I love dearly). But do I need to state such a thing? I felt irrationally guilted into joining, and now am a reluctant member of cancer haters.

Then the next invite came in. I love my daughter. I felt I could reasonably ignore that invitation. I have two daughters and there was no "I love my daughter(S)" group. I didn't want my girls to ask me which one of them I meant. And by loving one daughter, would the other feel excluded. So I'm not a member of the I Love my Daughter group.

Would anyone like to join my "I think it's obvious what I love and what I hate" group?


  1. Hi Kim!

    You do write very well! I like your short columns where you take an aspect of daily living and examine it in a creative and humorous way!

    Thanks for telling me about this site!


  2. Kim, Kim, Kim... so why haven't you found me on Facebook yet darling? Just dropping by here and getting myself up to date with you - why? Cos I miss you!


    Oh by the way, love - I mean really LOVE - the soundtrack, but then you knew I would!

  3. I think it's ironical...or paradoxical... that there is a group of people who hate cancer. I mean, if they carry that hate around long enough, whaddya think it's going to turn into???

    People are great, aren't they?


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