September 30, 2008

Run for the hills... it's political around here!

I'm so frustrated, right now.

I just got an email from a friend of mine who has made it her mission to convince me to vote the same way she is voting. (Which there isn't a chance).

However, daily, she sends me email articles from her view. Except it's not true. What makes me so mad, is that the information she is sharing is not even from reputable sources. Today's "mind changer" was a YouTube video some guy produced that showed highlights of assorted government documents, (flashing by) with big black and white words superimposed over the pictures, apparently explaining what it meant. It was patronizing and quite frankly, untrue. I researched each "point" on this YouTube video that she sent me, from reputable sources, I cited Newsweek, Barrons, a transcript of government hearings, and Business Week.

The point is if you want to change someone's mind, please use facts not propaganda. It was slick, sloppy, and completely untrue.

Or maybe propaganda DOES work?


  1. Unfortunately th politicians themselves belive propoganda works because they bombard us with it daily. I am speaking about both parties and candidates from every level president to dog catcher. Right now I almost wish I didn't live in Ohio as I am sure we are getting more of the national ads then most states just like we are getting more visits then most states due to the fact that we are a swing state that can go either way.
    Going either way in this case isn't nearly as much fun as some of my friends have that go either way in a much different area.
    Your friend Bruce is giving a free concert on the OSU campus and I am sure some will vote based on the fact that they went to the concert & enjoyed the music.
    Hopefully one day we will find a better way to pick our leaders.

  2. das whatcha get for livin' in a battleground state, yo


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