January 29, 2014

Do you know if you're Hot or Not?

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Before there was Facebook or YouTube, there was a simple rating site developed in 2000 by two Berkely engineering students, Jim Young and James Hong. Little did they know their disagreement about whether a girl was "hot or not" would evolve into a wildly popular site, that was receiving over 2 million hits/daily within a week of launching.

It's always interesting to find out how others see you. Several years ago, Hot or Not debuted with wild success as a fun, flirty way to learn how we are perceived by others.

As a woman in her late 40s, I admit I know a thing or two about being hot, as in having hot flashes on a regular basis. There are days and nights I think my personal theme song is Hot, Hot, Hot. I'm not sure I personally need an APP to determine my own personal hotness, a simple hand to my forehead is likely to answer that question.

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All kidding aside, the science of attractiveness has proven that perceived attractive folks have a biological advantage. A 2006 study found that there are 29 points on a person's face that determine attractiveness. In general, the more symmetrical a face, with certain percentages of width to height proportions, the more attractive a person is considered. Most Hollywood stars score higher in the science of attractiveness, setting a societal opinion of what is considered attractive. However, beauty is only skin deep, and social opinions of attractiveness change with each era.

For example, Elizabethan women in England were plump and fair skinned. Thin and tanned skin was considered signs of poverty from lack of food and working outdoors. In fact, some of the popular makeup used was ceruse, a white paint that made skin appear even more light. Some even went so far as to paint delicate blue lines on their face to convey their "blue blood" status and wealth.  Such an appearance today would hardly be a pinnacle of beauty.

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